Media Chaupal, Chandigarh (December, 2022)

Made presentation on “Effects of Media in Downgrading Womenhood” based on Bibliometric analysis using VoS viewer software.

With Prof. Kusumlata Kedia

With Prof. K.G. Suresh, Vice-Chancellor, MCU, Bhopal

Sh. Indresh Kumar JI

University of Derby, United Kingdom (June, 2019)

Tourism Naturally Conference, hosted by the University of Derby, Buxton, UK in partnership with Colorado State University, University of Pisa, Central Normal China University, the University of Sunderland, and Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

Presented research paper on “Voluntourism and Community Development: Exploring the Spiritual Connections”

Inside University of Derby

Outside views of University of Derby

Another view of University of Derby

Dining with other participants

Pic with the host

Pic with the host

University of Sunderland, UK (May, 2019)

International Research Symposium in Tourism Hospitality & Events: Impact, Innovation, Interdisciplinarity at Centre for Research and Tourism Excellence, University of Sunderland

Made presentation on “Creative Tourism vis-a-vis Tribal Tourism as a Tool for Sustainable Tourism”

Views inside the University of Sunderland

Outside of Centre for Research and Tourism Excellence, University of Sunderland

University of Surrey, Uk ( May 2016)

International Conference on Making an Impact: Creating Constructive Conversation organised by School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey.

Made presentation on ” Reviving the Craft of Kashmir Handmade Pashmina Shawl through Creative Tourism”

Prof. John Tribe

Prof. Graham Miller

Prof. Nigel Morgan

Prof. Scott Cohen

Prof. Xavier Font (extreme right)

Prof. David Airey

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK (August, 2010)

Fifth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science organised by Common Ground Publishing, Illinois University,USA held in University of Cambridge, UK.

Presented research paper on “Competencies’ Importance and Performance in Tourism Industry: An Application of the Importance Performance Analysis Model"

Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK